Lore Rabaut & Frank Depoorter

The Artists Lore Rabaut and Frank Depoorter live and work in Ghent.
Lore Rabaut studied architecture (St-Lucas Ghent), Visual Arts (KASK, Ghent) and scenography (Popok, Antwerp).
Frank Depoorter studied graphic design at KASK in Ghent.
The artists met during the project, “Sur la route’2007, SMAK, a cycling tour expressed in images.
In 2009 they worked on a one-year project -Book, A Room-that resulted in an exhibition and publication of the ‘Witte Zaal’ in Ghent.
The subsequent work ‘Inclus La Mémoire’ was shown in Charleroi (2010) in Gallery Jacques Cerami.
In 2011 came the work ‘L.I.R.E.’ (Library of Indwelled Regions and Environments) shown at Art Brussels 2011.

Lore Rabaut

née en 1983, Poperinge, Belgique

Studies :

Royal Academy for Fine Arts Gent,

- 2003-2004: 1st candidature sculpture

- 2004-2005: 2nd candidature sculpture

- 2005-2006: 1ste master sculpture

03/01/2006 – 1/06/2006: Erasmus project: Escula Massana, Barcelona

- 2006-2007: 2nd master sculpture, co-promotor: Hans Op De Beeck

POPOK Higher Institute for Performing Arts

2008-2009: laureate in Scenography



toonmoment’; De Branderij; Antwerpen

BICYCLART: shake the nations, France-Flanders

TRY OUT, bij de vieze gasten, Gent

OUT OF CONTROL 2007, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


4 x one’ ; Ter Caemer-Meert Contemporary Galerie, Kortrijk


'Passionele moord'; stadhuis Leuven

 'De Collectie'; Vooruit Gent, Nucleo


Book, A Room; Lore Rabaut en Frank Depoorter, Witte Zaal Gent


Inclus la Mémoire (F. Depoorter – L. Rabaut), Galerie Jacques Cerami, Charleroi

Art Brussels 2011, Galerie Jacques Cerami, Charleroi


- DE COLLECTIE, nucleo, 2009

-Book, A Room, 2010; Frank Depoorter en Lore Rabaut, Uitgegeven en verspreid door MER. Paper Kunsthalle


- KoersKunst, ‘Dieper in het landschap fietsen’, De Morgen, Juni 2007

- Witte Zaal, zestiende jaargang Nr.3; 'Samen Ontwerpen', Guy Mouton studieburo Mouton, p.13

- Zone 09/  3t.e.m 23 februari 2010 n°252, p55

- A+222, Belgisch tijdschrift voor architectuur, Februari-Maart 2010, p10

Frank Depoorter
né en 1968, Dendermonde, Belgqiue


Printing TSM, Mechelen

Master of Fine Arts and Graphic KASK, Ghent

Additional studies

Graphic design - Higro, Mariakerke, Ghent

Photography - Higro, Mariakerke, Ghent

Specialisation Photoshop, Kortrijk

Drawing - Sint-Lucas, Ghent

Graphics and Painting - Academie of fine arts, Anderlecht, Brussel



Paintings and drawings Cultureel centrum Buggenhout 1999

Time-box, Academie Anderlecht Anderlecht 2001

Servey, Gallery 3475 Mattituck New York USA 2002

11/5 Room, Beguinages Ghent 2005

Wittezaal, Witte Zaal Ghent 2006

RJV Integratie Inside Elsene Brussels 2008-2010

Inclus la Mémoire (F. Depoorter – L. Rabaut), Galerie Jacques Cerami Charleroi, 2011

Group exhibitions

Annual Review, Generale Bank Anderlecht 1999

Art-terre, Lille Cultural capital of Europa Comines 2004

Comme-vous-voulez - Ghent 2005

The proces, Nucleo Ghent 2005

Land’schap,o.{-pen} Landscape,pl.{-s}, Witte Zaal Ghent 2006

What is a kiss, Monumental Bornem 2007

Tour d’artiste, SMAK Gent 2007

Moscou-Bernadette ‘Blauw’, SMAK Ghent 2007-2008

Drawings, Nucleo Ghent 2007

Artfront-Frontart Verbeke Foundation Lamswaarde NL 2009

The collection Gent 2009

Book, A Room (Frank Depoorter- Lore Rabaut) Witte Zaal Gent 2009-2010

Art Brussels 2011, galerie Jacques Cerami

Publicaties – Onderzoek

NY-Arts Magazine ‘Prosperity a condition of being’, New York 2001

City Ghent Thesis ‘Art in public space’ Ghent 2003

The Roman road - onset of a new concept for an integrated conservation and region-oriented

access to cultural heritage in Limbrgs Hesbaye, Limburg Province 2007-2008

Doctoral Research “The Northern Belgian countryside read from the margin.

A subjective search for the back of the formed landscape - U-Ghent 2008-2009

Book, A Room Witte zaal, Ghent 2009-2010


Kantelingen -Croxaphox, Gent 

L.I.R.E  Hendrik Conscience Bibilithek Antwerpen

LandscapeCitiesPeople- 08/06/2012 – 26/08/2012

Netwerk/Center for contemporary art  -  Houtkaai, B-9300 Aalst

Aangeraakt/Touché - 21/04/2012 – 20/05/2012

Cordonnier, Schoolstraat 29, B-Wetteren

 Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent - 26/01/2012 – 08/03/2012

Rozier 9, 9000 Gent