Pasha Rafiy

1980-85 Tehran

1985-01 Luxembourg

2001-16 Vienna


2016 Documentary "Foreign Affairs"/ Les Films Fauves/ Tehran, Luxembourg, New York

2014 European Newspaper Award/ Cover "Fernsehen"/ Germany

2014 Documentary "Europa"/ ORF/ Prague, Vienna

2014 Exhibition "Angste Povera"/ Carre Rotondes/ Luxembourg

2013 Exhibition "Vienna Art Week"/ Das Weisse Haus / Vienna

2013 European Newspaper Award/ Kategorie Fotografie/ Germany

2010 Exhibition "Verwirrt, Träge und Verliebt"/ Faux Mouvement - Centre d'Art Contemporain/ Metz/ France

2009 "NYC Ghost I-X"/ Collection of the Museum of Modern Art/Mudam/ Luxembourg

2009 Nomination Robert Schuman Art Prize/ Metz/ France

2008 Creative Director "Die Presse"/ Vienna/ Austria

2008 Exhibition "NYC Ghost I-X"/ Museum of Modern Art/ Luxembourg

2007 Exhibition "Selbstportrait mit Pasha Rafiy"/European Capital of Culture/ Luxembourg